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Planning for a baby

planning for a baby

Planning for a family, either now or in the future?  When it comes to making babies, a little information goes a long way.  People who are armed with this information will have a better chance of getting pregnant, and having a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

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Age and fertility: what does it mean for women and men?

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What's the timing of sex for conception?

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How can weight and nutrition be used to optimise your chance of conception, a healthy pregnancy and baby?

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Are there any medical conditions affecting your fertility?

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What lifestyle factors impact on your chance of conception?

What if it's not working...
how long should I wait?

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Seek help from your GP after

* 6-9 months if the woman is over 35 and 6 months if the woman is over 40

Your GP can organise further testing and may be able to refer you for a funded consultation with a fertility specialist.

Fertility Green Prescription

Fertility Green Prescription

Rate yourself on important factors impacting your fertility.  Many are within your control!  Click the button below to download the PDF.


Requirements for publicly funded treatment differ slightly by District Health Board, but these criteria include:

  • The couple have been trying to conceive for at least twelve months (for single people and same-sex couples, refer to ‘Making Babies with Donors and Surrogates’)

  • If there is no diagnosed reason for infertility (‘unexplained infertility’), the couple must have been trying to conceive for five years

  • Woman’s age 39 or less at time of consultation

  • Woman’s BMI 32 or less

  • Woman must be a non-smoker (at least three months prior to application)

  • NZ citizenship, residency or visa of at least two years’ in duration (for both partners)

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