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If you have been trying to conceive for at least twelve months, your GP will be able to refer you for a consultation with a fertility specialist (First Specialist Appointment) in the same way that if your GP had identified a medical condition.


However, those with unexplained infertility must have been trying-to-conceive for five years to qualify for publicly funded fertility treatment.


Once you qualify, you can be enrolled for public treatment as for people with other causes of infertility.

Eligibility for you GP to refer you

Your GP can refer you for a specialist consultation (First Specialist Appointment) if you meet those criteria:

  • Woman <40 years at time of referral

  • New Zealand resident(s) or work permit for at least two years (this applies to both couples, not just the woman). Proof of residency/citizenship/work visa must be provided before eligibility for treatment can be confirmed

  • One year of infertility or known severe cause

  • Or, and indication for fertility preservation (e.g. prior to cancer treatment)

  • AUCKLAND BMI: woman to be less than BMI 35; man to be less than 40.  Elsewhere in NZ - woman's BMI to be less than 32, no requirement for a man

The referral requires information on both the patient requiring review and their partner (if applicable).

Here to support you

We have volunteers who facilitate coffee groups, including guest speaker evenings, in 12 locations around the country.  Connect with your local group - people often tell us that they wish they'd done so earlier! 

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