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Donation and other options

Many New Zealanders have realised their dream of a family through donation and surrogacy. 


Men and women may have been through significant journeys before considering egg donationsperm donation or surrogacy, or they have known from the outset that the only way they will ever achieve parenthood is with the help of others.  In either case, generosity on the part of donors and surrogates helps to create these much-wanted children.

In New Zealand, whanau are created in many different ways.  There will already be many families created in the way that you envisage yours to be built!  


A heterosexual couple with unexplained infertility still have a fairly good chance of getting pregnant naturally without needing treatment at all, although this will be dependent on the age of the woman and the length of timing trying to conceive to date.

The principal treatments for unexplained infertility include expectant management with timed intercourse and lifestyle change, clomiphene citrate or letrozole with or without intra uterine insemination (IUI), lipiodol tubal flushing, and IVF.

Private arrangements

Although all parties can have the best of intentions at the time, circumstances can dictate a change in attitudes over time. 


Possible issue include:

  • lack of information for a child in the future

  • donor seeks shared care of the child in the future

  • donor is pursued for financial support of the child

Therefore, Fertility NZ recommends help is sought through New Zealand fertility clinics, which offers all parties some level of protection.

Common causes of infertility

Single men & gay couples

How to go about finding a local surrogate is the main challenge for single men and gay couples.  Many seek treatment overseas, often with an egg donor combined with gestational surrogate (who has no genetic link to the child).  The overseas process may be quicker than domestic options (particularly if a traditional surrogate, whose own egg is used, needs to be recruited) but it is very expensive and usually doesn't offer the same level of information long-term that a child may wish to have.

Single women & lesbian couples

Women considering or undergoing donor treatment or surrogacy have generally made a considered decision and feel fortunate to have this opportunity. ​

Heterosexual couples

Discovering that your only option to become a parent involves no genetic link for one or both of you may be devastating.  However, there are many families in NZ created this way, and Fertility NZ can connect you with others.

Donor Conception and Surrogacy Network

Join our Donor Conception and Surrogacy Network:

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