Fertility NZ is a registered charity dedicated to providing information, support and advocacy to people experiencing fertility issues.

About Fertility NZ

Fertility New Zealand is committed to supporting, advocating for and educating all people who face infertility challenges at all stages of their journey and beyond.  Fertility NZ was founded in 1990 and is a registered charity. It operates on a national level and much of its work is undertaken by dedicated volunteers. Fertility NZ provides assistance for people with fertility issues through the following channels:
Support A network of regular support gatherings, workshops and contact groups throughout the country; an 0800 line and email address for enquiries, and infertility forums on our website where Members can provide support to one another.
Information Informative fact sheet brochures; a series of information videos; regular publication of The Dandelion newsletter and email updates to Members; conferences and information events.
Advocacy Representing the voice of people affected by infertility on medical, ethical and policy issues.

A couple share their Journey of "unexplained infertility"

May 30, 2016

Unexplained infertility is a term used to describe those who are unable to conceive, despite there being no medical reason behind it. Nature, quite simply, just does not take its course. http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/parenting/pregnancy/79910910/Infertility-is-no-laughing-matter-until-you-see-t…

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An intimate story of infertility, told from a man's perspective

May 30, 2016

A couple from Ohio ahve been trying for 3 years to get pregnant and this article is from the man's perspctive. http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/parenting/80424858/an-intimate-story-of-infertility-told-from-a-mans-perspective

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Fertility Week Webinars

May 23, 2016

Fertility Week held from May 9-15 was a great success with Support Groups held all over New Zealand. Fertility Week had guest speakers at the events with a chance to answer any questions over coffee afterwards. Throughout the week, Fertility Week held 5 Webinars each night from 8.00pm with Dr Guy…

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Cricker star Chris Harris push for teens to be taught Fertility as kiwis struggle to concieve

May 11, 2016

Chris and Linda Harris speak out that more information needs to be taught as a Teenager about fertility. "If you're intending on having children later in life my advice is to harvest your eggs when you're young and freeze them. If you wait too long you may not be able to have children. If you run o…

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Next  Support Group Dates

Wellington Support Group Wednesday 1st June

Taranaki Support Group Wednesday 8th June

Auckland Casual Coffee Group Tuesday 21st June

Christchurch Support Group Tuesday 28th June