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Share your story

Fertility NZ greatly appreciates the readiness and openness in which our community are prepared to share their fertility journey with others. People have overwhelmingly told us what they find most engaging are the authentic human experiences that connect us and reassure us we’re not alone.

By sharing your compelling story, you will be helping others feel more supported, removing barriers by talking openly about fertility challenges and empowering people through knowledge.

  • It will always be up to you to let us know where you would like us to share your story.

  • If you are keen to share your story with us, please email Kate at

  • We will not publish anything without your consent, and you can change your mind about sharing your story at any time.

  • A consent form is required to sign before your story is published; click here to view.

  • A photo says 1000 words, and we would love your story to be accompanied by a few pictures, but this is not required.

General Information

Anonymity: Your submission can be anonymous if you wish.

Length: A rough word guide is 800 – 1,500 but not limited to.

If you are not sure where to begin, here are some questions to consider in telling your story, but they are just a few suggestions:

  • A board overview of your journey. (Dates, clinic details and doctors etc are not needed)

  • Challenges/decisions you faced along the way or are facing and how you have dealt with them.

  • Your personal experience, including the impact on your relationships.

  • A photo to connect readers to the ‘realness’ of your story

  • How has Fertility NZ played a role in this journey – did you reach out to us for information (e.g. our website) or support (e.g. support groups, support series, webinars or social media) or in another way?

  • Where are things with you now – What are your goals for the year?

  • Do you have any messages, words of wisdom or lessons learned that you would like to share with other people going through a journey with fertility?

Hearing how others deal with fertility issues can help you feel less isolated and be a great source of support.

Please submit your story directly to us by completing the form below. 

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Thanks for submitting!

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