Fertility NZ is a registered charity dedicated to providing information, support and advocacy to people experiencing fertility issues.


Upcoming Support Groups & Events

Our groups are casual and welcoming.  

Meetings often have themes or guest speakers to provide you with support and information. Research consistently shows in-person support has significant emotional and physiological benefits.  Email your nearest group for details and come along!  Many of our groups have private Facebook pages where you can get to know others before attending a meeting. 


Single Mothers by Choice
Meets monthly on Sundays
Starting again in 2020 - please email for details

Casual Coffee Group
Group meets monthly, on Wednesdays
Starting again in 2020 on 12 Feb

Pregnant After Fertility Treatment
Group meets monthly on Sundays
Final meeting for 2019 on 24 Nov
Starting again in 2020 from 2 Feb

Fertility Support Series (semi-structured 'course' ideal for couples - spaces are limited)
Running again in from March 2020 - dates coming soon

Secondary Infertility (for people who already have one child or more)
Group meets on last Sunday of every month
Final meeting for 2019 on 24 Nov
Starting again in 2020 from 23 Feb
Group meets every 3rd Saturday at 10am
Starting again in 2020 from 15 Feb
Final meeting for 2019: Sat Dec 7th
Meetings will resume every two months on a Saturday morning from Jan 25th 2020

"Support and Connect" group meets every 6 weeks on a Wednesday
Starting again in 2020 from 12 Feb

Wellington Fertility Support Series (semi-structured 'course' ideal for couples - spaces are limited)
Running again in 2020 - dates coming soon
Group meets monthly on a weeknight evening  6.30-8pm
Final meeting for 2019: Nov 27th
Starting again in early 2020 - dates coming soon

Group meets every 6 weeks on a Tuesday
Final meeting for the year: Nov 26th
Starting again in 2020 from 18 Feb
Group meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month
Final meeting for 2019: Nov 27th
Starting again in 2020 from 22 Jan

Recordings from the Fertility Week webinars are available now!  Click the image below.





We are currently seeking Group Support Facilitators in Taranaki and Nelson.  Ideally this involves two people in each region, supporting people in the community who are grappling with infertility.   
Group Support Facilitators are volunteers who hold coffee/support groups every four weeks in their area. They've come out the other side of their own fertility journey and realise the value of a supportive face-to-face environment. While this is a volunteer role, all costs of running the group are covered by Fertility NZ and we provide formal training, marketing, administrative and social media support as well as an ear when ever you need it.  

If you live in Taranaki or Nelson and have been waiting for an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way, or know of someone who may be interested, please contact: support@fertilitynz.org.nz for a position description.  




Download our PDF fact-sheet on Infertility: Helping Others Understand.  Share it with family and friends