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6 Sept 2022

When Sex Is Not Enough

Follow three Kiwi women as they navigate through the highs and lows of their very unique fertility journeys.

Follow three Kiwi women as they navigate through the highs and lows of their very unique fertility journeys.

Three fertility journeys - from left to right: Melissa Hori, Stephanie Larnder & Simone Fernandes.

When Sex Is Not Enough is a deeply honest account of three unique fertility journeys. New Zealanders, Melissa Hori, Stephanie Larnder and Simone Fernandes, share their fertility experiences as part of their heartbreaking and hopeful wish to have a baby. Their different journeys touch on cervical cancer, endometriosis, a hysterectomy, IVF, surrogacy, and adoption.

Each author tells a raw, unfiltered, and emotional story of their experiences and vulnerabilities with fertility, as well as the struggles faced, how it has affected them, their relationships with friends and family, and their careers.

Captured within their courageous journeys to parenthood, is also the male perspective, with a chapter each from Melissa, Stephanie, and Simone’s partners. The men share their encounters of the fertility journey, how it’s affected them, and how it has shaped their experiences.

Apart from revealing accounts of their deeply personal struggles, the authors also impart their wisdom through lived experience, to the many women and men who struggle daily with fertility.

Infertility is so common and yet we still feel alone in it. It affects every part of your life,” says Melissa.

Overall, the purpose of this book was to help others in whatever way they may need help. Whether it be with advice, or bringing comfort to someone with a similar journey, we just want to help!” says Stephanie.

Not only is this book for couples who are struggling with fertility, but it also offers advice to those who might know someone battling through fertility.

We think it’s important for everyone to know how they can support someone they may know who’s going through fertility struggles, and gentle ways they could approach the topic to let their loved one know that it’s safe to talk about it,” says Simone.

This is an insightful resource for anyone looking at how best to support a loved one on the fertility journey.

The book is set to captivate, immerse, and inform audiences, and aims to help thousands of people feel supported and less alone in this fragile, yet fickle path to parenthood.

When Sex Is Not Enough is a must-read that sheds light on the trials and tribulations of fertility, and what it truly means to be resilient.

You can purchase the book online. Click here to learn more.

Now to Love sat down with Melissa, Stephanie and Simone. Read their story here.

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