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12 May 2022

Nutrition and Fertility

In this recording, Claudia talks about how nutrition contributes to maintaining your wellness and how to optimise your fertility through nutrition.

We are excited to partner with Fertility Nutrition to bring our next Webinar Series to you. Fertility Nutrition has a leading team of certified fertility and pregnancy dietitians who specialise in; unexplained infertility, miscarriage, microbiome nutrition, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and fertility and pregnancy nutrition.

 Claudia Vavasour is the Clinical Director of Fertility Nutrition and is a leading Fertility (IVF) & Pregnancy Dietitian.

In this Webinar series, Claudia covered:

  • What is a fertility dietitian?

  • Three important reasons to prioritise nutrition when you're trying to conceive

  • Top five evidenced-based nutrition changes to make

  • Q&A

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