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10 Nov 2019

Legal aspects of Donation and Surrogacy

Recording of Webinar presented by Stewart Dalley

A recording of the Webinar held during November 2019, presented by Stewart Dalley, Barrister and Solicitor. 

The presentation covered:

  • ECART approval - when it is required

  • ECART process and statistics

  • Donations/Surrogacy - what you can pay for

  • Law related to advertising for surrogates/donors etc

  • Parental rights / liabilities

  • Adoption process / requirements

  • Parental leave / pay

  • Donor register - what information kept and how to access

  • Q&A


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Support, ideas sharing and community.  A closed Facebook group offering a safe, positive space, supported by informative webinars. Open to anyone who is considering, or has already built, whānau through donation or surrogacy.  Screening questions apply.  Only Admins are visible to people outside the group.

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