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10 Jun 2024

Fertility NZ Life Membership

Nominations are now open for Fertility New Zealand (Fertility NZ) Life Membership. This award recognises and honours individuals who have made an exceptional voluntary contribution to Fertility NZ.


Who can make a nomination?

Anyone can nominate a person for a Fertility NZ Life Membership. The person nominated must have volunteered with Fertility NZ.


Who can be nominated?

Fertility NZ Life Membership is generally awarded to persons providing 10 years or more exceptional voluntary service to Fertility NZ. There may be circumstances where a nomination can be accepted for a person giving less than 10 years, however this will be considered at the Board’s discretion.

Exceptional service will reflect service that has significantly influenced the direction, strategy, strength and status of Fertility NZ through governance or operational activity.

Consideration for Fertility NZ Life Membership will include the quality and impact of voluntary service provided over the years of involvement and not just determined by length of service.


Tips for completing the nomination form.

Complete the nomination form completely and accurately. It is important that as much factual, relevant information as possible is included about your nominee, including the reasons for which life membership is sought.

Describe what is special about your nominee’s achievements and what they have done to deserve a Fertility NZ Life Membership. Tell the story of how they have made a difference in their community and give an indication of their longevity of service.

Letters of support add depth to the nomination and validate your nominee’s character and achievements.

How do I nominate someone for a Fertility NZ Life Membership?

Click here to complete the online nomination form.

Can I nominate myself?

It is not appropriate to nominate yourself for a Fertility NZ Life Membership, and such nominations will not be considered.

Can a Fertility NZ staff member be nominated for Life Membership?

Paid employees of Fertility NZ are not eligible for Life Membership with the exception being those who have also been a volunteer. In this situation, only the volunteer component of their contribution and involvement can be used in the nomination process.

When are nominations due?

Nominations are accepted throughout the year and are due by 31 July for the following AGM.

Can a nomination be changed or added to after it has been submitted? Additional information to support the nomination can be submitted before 31 July. We will ensure that it is considered with the existing papers.

Please advise Fertility NZ if there have been any relevant changes to the nominee’s personal details or any other information supplied on the nomination form.

Should the person know that they have been nominated?

The consent of the person being nominated is not required. The nominee should not be informed that they have been nominated. All nominations for Life Membership are treated in confidence.

What is the deadline for a nomination?

31 July each year.

Will I know if my nomination has been successful?

Your nomination will be acknowledged, and you will be told of the result once the decision has been made by the Board. There will be no explanation available for unsuccessful nominations.

Life Memberships are then announced at the Fertility NZ AGM each year unless the Board has allocated another date for the announcement. 


If you have any further questions or require guidance in the preparation of the nomination, please contact

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