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For GPs

Fertility Green Prescription

Download our Fertility Green Prescription and use it with your patients to help them become aware of their fertility and maximise their chances of conception (either natural conception or through ART). 


The green, orange and red zones indicate how to maximise fertility and also indicates factors that make women ineligible for publicly funded treatment.  

 If you would like hard copies of the Green Prescription (free of charge), email 

Fertility Green Prescription

Fertility Specialist
Referral Guidelines

Download the referral guidelines for your region:


Visit our library of leaflets available for download. To request our information leaflets in hard copy, email  Understanding Your Cycle, Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are particularly popular in GP clinics.

Local support

Let your patients know about our regional fertility support groups run by volunteers throughout the country.  In-person support and meeting others 'in the same boat' is invaluable when living with infertility.

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