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Give Fertility a Voice and Share Your Story

February 21, 2022

In a world where everyone seems to create a family easily, it can feel like you are the only ones struggling. But you are not alone. Real-life stories from people who have been through many of the same challenges you faced on your journey can help others. We are stronger together.

We appreciate receiving your stories; we are looking for fertility stories to share with our community via our website, social media, or The Dandelion Newsletter.

  • It will always be up to you to let us know where you would like us to share your story.
  • If you are keen to share your story with us, please email Kate at support@fertilitynz.org.nz. 
  • We will not publish anything without your consent, and you can change your mind about sharing your story at any time.
  • A consent form is required to sign before your story is published; click here to view.
  • A photo says 1000 words, and we would love your story to be accompanied by a few pictures, but this is not required.

General Information:

Anonymity: Your submission can be anonymous if you wish.

Length: A rough word guide is 800 – 1,500 but not limited to.

If you are not sure where to begin, here are some questions to consider in telling your story, but they are just a few suggestions:

  • What does family mean to you? What was childhood like growing up? What did you dream about re family?
  • Tell me your fertility story – as much information as you are comfortable sharing – how did it start, what happened, how long, what were some significant challenges, and some celebrations?
  • How has Fertility NZ played a role in this journey – did you reach out to us for information (e.g. our website) or support (e.g. support groups, support series, webinars or social media) or in another way?
  • Where are things with you now – both in terms of fertility and how has 2022 started for you? What are your goals for the year?
  • Do you have any messages, words of wisdom or lessons learned that you would like to share with other people going through a journey with fertility?


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