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8 Feb 2023

Board Announcement

Fertility NZ Board appoints new Chairperson.

Fertility NZ Board has appointed Madeleine Setchell as its Chairperson and President.

Madeleine has been a member of the Fertility NZ Board since 2019 and has made a significant contribution to the organisation.  She is a passionate supporter of Fertility NZ’s work in providing support and advocacy to people experiencing fertility issues. Through her work with Fertility NZ, Madeleine is also the Consumer Representative for the Northern Regional Fertility Services Advisory Group (NRFS). 

Fertility NZ would like to acknowledge the dedication and service of its outgoing and outstanding Chairperson, Juanita Copeland. Juanita will remain on the Fertility NZ Board and continue supporting the organisation through her governance skills and deep knowledge of the sector.

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