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We'd like to hear your story...

May 24, 2018



Fertility NZ greatly appreciates the readiness and openness in which our community are prepared to share their fertility journey with others.  People have overwhelmingly told us the aspect of our campaign they find most engaging are the authentic human experiences that connect us and reassure us we’re not alone.

We’d like to hear your story.  Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • A board overview of your journey.  (Dates, clinic details and doctors etc are not needed)
  • Challenges/decisions you faced along the way, or are facing and how you have dealt with them.
  • Your personal experience, including the impact on your relationships.
  • A photo to connect readers to the ‘realness’ of your story.
  • Someone who is comfortable with agreeing to share their story with NZ media.

By sharing your compelling story, you will be helping others feel more supported, remove barriers to talking openly about fertility challenges and empowering people through knowledge. 

For more information, burning questions or to complete a short application form, please email Beccs at support@fertilitynz.org.nz.



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