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Webinar - Infertility Affects Men Too

July 27, 2022

As many as one in four people will experience difficulties trying to conceive, which is often seen as a women's problem. Male factor will be present in 30-50% of heterosexual couples, either as the single major cause of their fertility problem or as part of a multi-factorial problem with both male and female factors being present.

Our next webinar is Infertility Affects Men Too. Richard and Richie will be talking about fertility from a male's perspective. They will touch on topics such as their journeys, diagnosis, how infertility affected them, what support was available and how they supported their partners.

Join us on Tuesday 16 August at 8pm on Facebook live or register via ClickMeeting at fertilitynz.clickmeeting.com/infertility-affects-men-too


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