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Ugent Call for Kiwi Sperm Donors

April 9, 2018


Aucklands Fertility Assosiates currently have 460 women in need of donors who face around a two years wait for the chance to start a family.  

Fertility Assosiates, Mary Birdsall told 1 NEWS: "The average person would wait two years for us to offer them a sperm donor and that's really hard if you're already 38.  

"Your chances when you come to the top of our waiting list have got less."

Experts say that the banning of anonymous sperm donations has discouraged some and are now pushing for more compensation to attract men.

"We'd like to see them compensated a little bit more, not to the point where it's a money making exercise, but just to reflect that it does take time out of their day," Juanita Copeland Fertility NZ said. 

Sperm donor Garth Price explained he isn't in it for the money: "It was kind of like helping other people and helping myself, so it was really a no brainer."

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