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Position vacant: social media expert

May 19, 2021

We are seeking a social media expert to optimise the digital reach of Fertility Week 2021.

Fertility Week is a public awareness campaign, hosted by Fertility NZ, which aims to raise awareness of infertility and issues pertaining to fertility.  The week-long campaign encompasses a variety of information and support events, in addition to information and guidance provided through a dedicated website.  A strong social media presence is imperative for the campaign to meet its key deliverables; and to reach and help as many New Zealanders as possible.

Fertility Week 2021 will be held 6-12 September.  This year's theme, 'I am one in four' will demonstrate that 'any of us can face challenges building whanau', regardless of factors such as ethnicity, education, urban/rural and gender.  Stories and photos which are so generously shared from people within our community are always an important part of Fertility Week, and will be especially central to the 2021 campaign.  

The Social Media Expert will:

  • advise the Fertility Week team on social media assets and other considerations during the planning stages
  • develop a social media plan as fits the campaign and our existing social channels, within budget, to increase reach of the campaign and deliver on specific objectives
  • closely monitor and adjust planned campaign, in addition to media coverage, during buildup and campaign week

We are seeking an exceptional individual who:

  • lives and breathes social media best practice, technicalities and efficiencies
  • has some knowledge of Fertility NZ and/or the experience of infertility
  • is able to work and plan smartly within a highly limited, Charity-sized budget
  • has a consultative, team approach

The Social Media Expert will report to the CEO.  We estimate 40 hours work in total, which will begin late May.  The bulk of work will be in August/September.  Team meetings are held monthly via Zoom on a Tuesday evening, although there will be frequent check-ins with the CEO.  This is a paid position with a capped budget.

If this sounds like you, and you'd love to be part of this important kaupapa, send your CV together with a cover letter explaining why you should be the Social Media Expert for Fertility Week 2021 to Nicola Bitossi, CEO, Fertility NZ, nicola@fertilitynz.org.nz


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