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In-person support starts in Taranaki

March 31, 2021

Karley Gillum and Jodene Vannieuwenhuyze were once members of the FNZ Taranaki support group, they attended monthly in-person meetings to seek support from others on this challenging and dauting journey of infertility.

Karley was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and after not being able to conceive naturally, they sought further help.  Jodene and her husband sought further help when they couldn't conceive naturally only to discover both of her tubes were blocked.

Karley and Jodene have both endured the emotional rollercoaster of fertility.  Read about their story here - Taranaki mothers who struggled to have children are relaunching a fertility support group | Stuff.co.nz.  We are excited to have Karley and Jodene join our 'army' of volunteers, who want to give back and walk alongside you on your journey.

Email Karley and Jodene - taranakisupport@fertilitynz.org.nz or join their private Facebook group FNZ Taranaki Fertility Support.

Fertility NZ operates support groups around the country.  Find out more here.



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