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New study finds babies born through IVF more likely to develop cancerous cells

May 1, 2017

You may have seen an article in the NZ Herald yesterday about IVF which may have caused some concern.
Dr Guy Gudex, Medical Director at Repromed, shares his perspective on the article:
“It is reassuring to know that there are extensive long term studies and follow up on the health of children and adults conceived after IVF around the world. This is important and valuable work, and all sorts of factors can play into the re...sults. There are studies that have shown no increase in the risk of childhood cancer after fertility treatment including a recent UK study of 106,000 children reported in 2013. Several studies have also shown that there is no increase in the risk of breast and ovarian cancer after fertility treatment, which again is reassuring.
This study reported in the NZ Herald hasn’t factored in the possible compounding effect of increased parental age, cause of infertility and possible exposure to environmental toxins. We stress to our clients that it is important to achieve and maintain optimal health prior to conception including reducing stress, eating well, and stopping smoking and drinking alcohol.”


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