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Fertility Week 2021: I am one in four

June 11, 2021

We are proud to host Fertility Week, 6-12 September 2021, to raise awareness about fertility.  This year's theme is I am one in four.  The campaign aims to raise awareness that 'any of us can face challenges building whānau' and that no one is immune to infertility regardless of factors like gender, ethnicity, education, urban/rural and sexual orientation.

Would you like to share your story for Fertility Week?  Your stories will provide comfort and support to others during Fertility Week.  We are interested in stories and would like to hear from:

  • Māori, Pasifika and other ethnic minorities: your experience of infertility including whānau and cultural factors.
  • Male infertility: the personal challenges you experienced and any impact on your relationship
  • Rural NZ: your experience of infertility including the added factors of distance to medical and other services.
  • Rainbow community: your experience of creating whānau through donation – egg/sperm/embryo and surrogacy.
  • Any New Zealander: your experience of infertility including the emotional and financial cost

Please click on the link and submit your story before the 28th June - Fertility Week :: Your Story.


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