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Empty Prams Campaign

August 7, 2014

Campaign for Improved Public Funding of Fertility Treatment

Fertility NZ has launched its campaign for a third funded cycle of fertility treatment.  Visit the Facebook page and send the letter to your local MP.  You are also invited to take a photo of an empty pram anywhere in NZ and post it to the Facebook page or send it to your MP, to symbolise the babies that would be born through an increase in treatment funding. 



Dear (INSERT NAME OF MP), Member of Parliament,

Fertility New Zealand poled its members regarding the provision of funded fertility services and top of the list was the need for a third funded cycle of fertility treatment. I endorse this and believe that a third funded cycle should be a priority for the new government. Currently, two publicly funded cycles of fertility treatment are available to qualifying persons. Research has found that the live birth rate is good across 3rd and 4th cycles and therefore the chance of pregnancy increases significantly by having a third cycle. What I want to know from you is where you stand on this issue and whether your party supports the provision of a third cycle of IVF. Please make building families and the future of New Zealand your priority leading up to this year's election.

Yours faithfully



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