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Bronwyn shares her happy journey.

November 17, 2017

Hi all - I attended the Webinar tonight with Guy Gudex.   Firstly, thank you so much for hosting these sessions, and for all the information you share.  I also wanted to say a big personal THANK YOU too. 

My beautiful IVF ICSI son Sam - has just turned 20 years old.
Here is a pic of him in Canada where he's currently on a student (double scholarship) exchange for 3 months.   And the bottom pic is of him with Parris Goebel (world renowned choreographer) on one his music videos.
(He's a singer/songwriter)!

Thank_you_pic.jpg  2.jpg

Here's a link of the video they made together approx 18 months ago.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTiZ24ztn0k  We were sooooo lucky to get this amazing kid via IVF/ICSI ... we count our blessings every single day.  If it wasn't for the brilliance of what you do - he wouldn't be here, and our lives would be very much lacking !!

Funnily enough - our interest in fertility has been re-ignited as my younger sister has had 5 beautiful children, and would like to donate eggs for surrogacy or similar.  But I just wanted to say thank you again - back in 1994/5/6/7 when we were undergoing treatment, we had limited sources of information, other than the clinic appointments and the library. Love what you do and so very grateful !

Thanks Bronwyn :)


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