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Alcohol, meat, caffeine and fertility - article

October 21, 2014

Sperm health can be dramatically impacted by lifestyle factors, as was outlined in Fertility Week: Be Fertility Fit which detailed the impact of weight, caffeine and alcohol on both male and female fertility.  Timing of sex is also key - frequent ejaculation can improve sperm quality.  Age can also impact sperm quality.

The headline in today's Herald article is somewhat alarming - we do not suggest that men 'drink alcohol' to improve their fertility, and in fact the article goes on to clarify this as 'the occasional beer or glass of wine'.  A balanced diet is important, including meat or non-haem sources of iron, and Vitamin B.  Minimising caffeine is important, and remember that coffee isn't the only culprit.  Be aware of energy drinks, cola and excessive chocolate consumption!




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