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Living child-free

If you are at - or nearing - the end of your fertility journey, you may be considering a future without children.  If much of your life was spent wanting, or expecting, to have children, then this may be a difficult future for you to imagine.  

The stories and videos on this page aim to give you some insights into this stage of the journey.

Fertility NZ is here to support you, and we welcome all NZ women who are 'childless by circumstance' to join our support group.  It offers conversation, insight, tips and support and is hosted by two FNZ Board Members.  The group is currently online with a view to incorporating in-person events once numbers allow.  Search Facebook for 'Childless by Circumstance' under Groups.  

Visit our Living Childfree forum.  Note, you must be a Member of FNZ to participate in our forums.

Kathryn's story

February 22, 2019

Kathryn reflects on how she let go of the baby dream

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