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which clinic is better? Fertility Plus or Fertility Associates?


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Hi guys~
I’m new here and I need your help. Last year I got pregnant in December and it ended up with ectopic pregnancy. My right fallopian tube was removed during the surgery. I thought it was not too bad because I still had the left fallopian. But this year, the doctor told me the left fallopian was not open and there was hydrosalpinx which means I have to remove it before doing IVF. What's worse, I found I had a low AMH level due to age or previous surgery. I’m 34 years old now and can’t wait for the publicly funded IVF. I have decided to go for privately-funded IVF. I’m in Auckland. I was wondering which clinic is better, Fertility Plus or Fertility Associates? Any thoughts can share with me? On top of that, I see some people looking for extra help, like Chinese herbs or acupuncture? Are these useful? Thank you in advance!

Posted on September 19, 2021 at 8:36 PM
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