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Treatment for hydrosalpinx - anyone had this?


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So I went to see the gynae last week after my sonohysterogram. I knew there was something wrong because I got pregnant with my ectopic first try at IUI, and then had two cycles with nothing. I knew the SHG was going badly because he kept adding fluid, and then asked if I'd had the ectopic on my right tube (nope it was on my left), so I knew there was something wrong with that tube. I just didn't realise how bad it could be. So now my left tube is blocked, that's from my ectopic, but the right tube is also blocked right at the end so now it has hydrosalpinx, meaning it has filled with fluid. The gynae offered no solutions for it, I think he was expecting me to just give up on my lifelong dream of having children. This is not something I am prepared to do. He kept bringing up my age, so what I'm only 40! Now I know that's not the ideal age for conception, but it is still quite possible, especially as I conceived the first time I tried at 38. My ovaries are still doing really well.

I was offered no options for treatment, he said they will not just remove a hydrosalpinx tube because it's there. But with the blocked tubes it seems IVF is now my only option to get pregnant. I've checked the website of Fertility Associates whom I was with already as I was using donor semen, they say hydrosalpinx reduces the chances of getting pregnant even by IVF by around 50%, and they like the affected tube removed before the IVF cycle starts. I haven't even told them about the hydrosalpinx yet, because once I've told them I can't untell them, and maybe they'll take me off their books completely. It's taken me five years to get to this point with them.

My question is, how can I get my tube removed and publicly funded? Or at least a laparoscopy to confirm and treat it if it's really there. I'm going to have to save for a while just to get my first round of IVF, to have to pay an extra $9000 for the surgery before that may make the cost prohibitive. I could top up my mortgage, but am reluctant to do that if there's a way I could get this surgery paid for. I have had a constant twinge on the right side since the SHG, I guess they topped up the fluid filling my tube during the procedure. I've read horror stories about hydrosalpinx bursting your tube just like an ectopic and putting your life at risk. I just don't want it there anymore.

Anyone else here have surgery for hydrosalpinx? Did you have to pay for it yourself?

Posted on October 25, 2015 at 8:30 PM
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