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treatment for luteal phase defect


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We have been TTC for 8 months (not long in the scheme of things I know), but I have been charting everything since we started and I am pretty sure I have a luteal phase defect - I have spotting for several days before getting a true period, which only lasts 2-3 days, then more spotting. I have been doing ovulation test strips to know when Im ovulating and I start to get the spotting only 5-7 days after I ovulate. From everything I read this means that my uterine lining is being lost too early and my uterus is not maintaining a good enough lining for implantation to occur. I had my progesterone checked 7 DPO last cycle and it came back at 27 which is in the range which is not high enough to maintain pregnancy. My FSH and all other blood tests are normal.
So today I had a consult with fertility associates and told the doctor all of this, however she did not seem to place much importance on this issue and wants to the AMH test for ovarian reserve and a hysterosalpinogram before looking at anything else. Im happy to do the blood test but the HSG sounds invasive and painful and means we have to stop trying for a month to do it. I asked about progesterone supplementation or other luteal phase defect treatments and she kind of brushed me off saying a lot of doctors dont believe in progesterone treatment etc. From what Ive read progesterone deficiency is one of the main things causing LP defect and subfertility so it is frustrating to hear the doctor say this. I dont want to go through involved tests if just taking progesterone is very likely to help the situation. Has anyone else had experience with luteal phase defect and have doctors taken it seriously and prescribed progesterone or is it not really the done thing???

Posted on August 21, 2013 at 7:36 PM
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Re: treatment for luteal phase defect

Hi there,
I havnt got your problem but I know someone who had 8 miscarriages before any dr listened to her. Her dr told her progesterone therapy has not been proven by research to be any good so no point in doing it. She eventually got a second opinion, this dr listened to her and gave it a try. And that was all it took, she got pregnant and stayed pregnant. I don't know if her case was Luteal defect because she didn't miscarry early in pregnancy...but goes to show progesterone worked for her. I would have thought (just guessing) that if you had Luteal phase defect, you would still be able to get pregnant but would have very early miscarriages. But you wouldn't know unless you were doing a pregnancy test late in your cycle... I think you should have an hsg... You never know that could very well be the problem. But do get a 2nd opinion if you want. Good luck on yr journey. We've been trying for 8months also.

Posted on August 22, 2013 at 11:46 PM


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Re: treatment for luteal phase defect

Hi, I had a similar issue and after 3 miscarriages and 4 years of trying I used progesterone supplements. I got pregnant on my first cycle and now I'm 28 weeks with no bleeding. I insisted on taking progesterone supplements after having spotting on day 7 - 9 post ovulation and also a drop in my basal temp around this time. I was a bit pricey, I think around $50 per week but super easy and worked for me I think! I was under Sarah wake man at fertility associates in chch and she was great about it. I'm not sure about getting through a go and I wouldn't bother with the natural supplements. They were never strong enough to lift my levels. Good luck!

Posted on October 31, 2013 at 9:32 AM

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