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PCOS- nascent iodine


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Joined: November 26, 2014

Hi im new here
my wife has PCOS and we are starting on our first Clomiphene treatment soon, but that is getting away from the point. if you have PCOS i would recommend trying nascent iodine the changes it caused in my wife were amazing to say the least. her cycles started to regulate and were not as painful, she is going to kill me for saying this but her mood swings are far better as well grin she also had a major boost in energy and when she went for her last scan there was even a reduction in the PCOS. Im not saying its a magic bullet but its relatively cheap $50-60 if you order it online for 100 days worth of dosage and for us at least it is worth every drop. Secondly i would suggest asking your GP to test you for hypothyroidism as the two tend to go hand in hand which is why the iodine worked so well for us
note we use Survival Shield - Nascent Iodine but there are sites in NZ that you can get it from.
hope this helps
P.S. sorry if it looks a bit like a sales pitch but it really worked for her and its worth a go even if you only do it once

Posted on November 26, 2014 at 1:45 AM
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