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letrozle cycle


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ok so this my story so far...
ttc for about 5years, I have PCOS I have lost about 22kg but still 40kg to go still to over weight! i fought hard to be allowed any treatment at all! ive just finished the 1st cycle of letrozle which grew 3 follicles i was not allowed to proceed with the cycle for risk of triplets!
so my next cycle im going to try 1/2 dose as i am only allowed one follicle.
my next worry is that throughout the whole 1st cycle I continued to opk & temp & use ferning microscope i dont believe any returned a positive ovulation could there be a problem with actual release of egg from follicle? i have had progesterone ovulation blood tests tons over the years when we thought was the right time never gotten anything other than zero ive never had an opk work i have had ferning before though
im concerned that if there is another problem how long will it take to pinpoint it this has been quite the ordeal already and i have a little experience as to how FA works now! and we are paying privately

any thoughts? or am i just over anxious
thank you people

Posted on March 24, 2017 at 8:15 PM
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