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Hi everyone. im going down the IVF track in July (we have our orientation tomorrow!) and have been looking for support Forums. This website seems like a good one, but im not sure if anyone is using this? What are your stories, what stage are you up to? any one want to chat?


Hi Kylie
We are going through our public funded ivf in July too. We have done one round of ivf already resulting in 2 early miscarriages for no known cause, so I know what to expect or not to. We are going to be at fertility plus in Auckland and looking forward to it.
Let us know how you get on.
All the best


Hi Emma,

This is our first round. TTC 10 years, no luck. LSC. Were going through fertility Plus in Auckland too. Went for our Orientation which I though was good, were friendly and informative. A tad overwhelming, but were ready! bring on the next step! over the waiting.
Keep in touch smiling
All the best to you


Hi Kylie
We had our orientation last week with fertility plus, should be going ahead late july, they are keeping the same protocol as last time, which is good as I was on the short course and felt alright except for the last week. We have one more frozen embryo from our 1st round of IVF, which we started in September, we've only had 2 frozen embryo transfers since then, so our first cycle will take 10months! I don't think everyone else's cycle's are as drawn out as that but would be interested to know?
It must be difficult waiting 10 yrs. Our TTC is only 2.5yrs I suppose I am a little impatient then, but we have male factor infertility (very low count and motility) so were told straight away our only option to conceive was IVF with ICSI.
Hubby and I are trying to keep as healthy as we can over the next 3 months to prepare. Have you started anything different
Take care


Hi Emma.
We're doing long protocal.
Yeah 10 years is a long time! Due to our ages, we were in the 'She'll be right' state of mind. Everyone around us were having babies, we were surely next! And by the time we knew that it wasnt going to be, we've been on waiting list after waiting list to get the public funding and then to meet with F+ and now for IVF. At least now the waiting times are getting shorter and shorter!
Yes we have too. Hubby is taking Menevit and fish oil tablets, and well as a healthy diet. Im taking Folic, a Multi vitamin, iron and fish oil tablets as well as a healty diet. What are you guys doing differently?
how are you handling the waiting?
Take Care


Hi Kylie
The reason we got seen early with the public funding was we had a known cause for our infertility very low sperm count so our chances of conceiving naturally were zero, but sounds like much shorter wait than yours, which is a bit unfair for you.
I'll suggest the q10 for my husband as he is only on menevit at the moment. I'm taking elevit, reducing my caffeine and reducing my exercise. Also trying to eat as healthy as I can without too much sugar as I most likely have mild PCOS.
I do find it a little difficult for the IVF not to be on my mind, when you are investing some much effort into it and then for it to drag out so long.
Keep in touch and fingers crossed for July (although they are going to do a freeze all for me so it will be another couple months after that for any chance of success).

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 11:17 AM
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