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confused and frustrated? how long will i be waiting?


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Hi guys,

I wanted to share my story and see if anyones been in the same boat as me, going through what im going through? and maybe even give me some answers or a rough idea of what they've had done if they are in the same boat?

My husband and I had our first baby back in 2010 - back then I was having very heavy periods and a cycle of 36 - 38 days rather than the standard 28 day cycle. As I was only 19 our angel came as a surprise, the periods never really bothered me and the last thing on my mind was why I had not become pregnant before this when no protection was being used for 2 years. When I fell pregnant I realised that this is how long it took for me to conceive I asked myself is there something wrong? but nothing mattered to me because I had this baby inside me and I was beginning my family.

My delivery with my daughter was very traumatic, I had a few problems with my periods after her, in which I had 2 or 3, I had horrific pain during intercourse and random bleeds there after my doctor referred me to a gynae in which I got Laproscrotomy surgery to see what was going on, this is when they first detected cysts on my overies. They requested for me to go on the jadelle and had that in until September last year, when husband and I decided it was time to start trying for another baby as we were getting married in November and it would be a good time. I had my first period 3 days later In which went on forever - I ended up in hospital numerous times with heavy painful bleeding, low iron etc because I was losing so much blood I bled continuously for 6.5 weeks. I then waited 4 weeks for another period, in this time I had early pregnancy symptoms including tender breasts, vomiting, fatigue, urine streams etc and ended up at the doctors thinking I could be pregnant, my test came out negative, this carried on for 4 weeks in which I went twice for re - tests and blood tests in the end my doctor requested blood tests and ultrasounds and then I got diagnosed with pcos. I had a random bleed back in February this year in which I ended up in hospital again, I then got referred to another gynae specialist who was to try and control my bleeding and cycles to help me get into a cycle to conceive. 10 months down the track I am still not pregnant - My first specialist apt was hell. He basically told me that because I had had one baby before it is not important for me to have another one, he said that I wasn't in my BMI therefore could not even talk about putting me on any type of fertility treatment, he even told my husband that he had a roof over his table top and that he could do with losing weight as well. I was 5kg over my bmi he told me if I lost 5kg he could guarantee in 3m I would be pregnant or at least have proper menstrual cycles. He said there was no proof I had pcos unless undertaken serious tests. Outcome was to try and lose 5kg and in 3m time he will see me and if im not preganant he MAY put me on climophene.

I walked out dazzled, I didn't understand his comments, why would I be referred to him if my doctor didn't think I had to be? Why would I have got told by a surgeon and 2 doctors that I had pcos and then all of a sudden by a specialist who hadn't even examined or requested further tests tell me there was no proof?

Its now been 3m since I saw him and im due to see him in 3 days -I lost my 5kgs 1.5m after I saw him, I didn't have 1 cycle and ive had many blood tests and pregnancy tests and had negative results. I put on 2.5 kgs in the last 4 weeks due to stress through family situations. I am terrified of going back to him to get rejected and told I have to do this alone.

I am scared he will reject me because I haven't lost the 5kgs or im over my BMI or he thinks I haven't been trying long enough.

He clearly said my problem is that I am not naturally ovulating and there has been no improvement to this day. But with all his comments I am so confused. Will he help me? or will he say the same thing and ill have to wait another 3m? Its now nearly been 1 year ttc, and I feel like its just not going to happen with him or without him.

Has anyone been in this situation? Has anyone been given fertility treatment when they haven't been in there bmi range? Any helpful tips or questions to ask him would be greatful?

look forward to hearing what you guys have to say smiling

Posted on July 23, 2013 at 9:05 PM
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Re: confused and frustrated? how long will i be waiting?

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I was under a specialist in one district health board and moved to another and they have now refused treatment because of my BMI, they won't even refer me to a specialist until I lose the wait. I was put on Clomiphene with a BMI way above normal, so they should do it for you to. My specialist at the time just told me to walk every day and it would help at least he was nice about it!! I can understand your frustration and if you are not happy I suggest you talk to either your GP (if he/she is nice) or the hospital, you shouldn't have to be treated this way.

Best of luck smiling

Posted on July 30, 2013 at 6:01 PM


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Re: confused and frustrated? how long will i be waiting?

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