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Surrogate mother, without you, we are incomplete, Desperately looking for kindness,can you help us please?


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Our little family is looking for a special person, who can bless us with a "gift of hope " to complete our family.

When my first child was born by Caesarean my arteries were cut by mistake. I fought for my life and required eight surgeries and a few months in hospital with my new-born. I still cannot believe how unfortunate I was, and that I lost precious bonding time with my daughter through this trauma. I can’t forget the day the decision was made to have a hysterectomy, as to me a uterus is a god, and I felt like motherhood was taken from me. But there was no other way to save my life, so I accepted the decision, with the promise that I’ll have other ways to have my second child.

We been through GS journey with our wonderful Surrogate mum, our selflessness and kind-hearted surrogate angel tried her absolute best to complete our family, but unfortunately, it ended up in recurrent miscarriages.

Our cute lill frozen embryos give us a glimmer of hope. They need a mum to carry them with kindness and love, but I'm so unfortunate to give them a life. We wish that one day our angel mum can give them life.

We truly believe that someone out here will help us.

We would really like to have a sibling for our little girl We also understand the enormity of what we are asking – it is massive, and to us it would be a miracle gift.

We are sure there will be lots more questions so feel free to PM us.

Thanks for your time reading our post and your ongoing support

Posted on July 2, 2020 at 11:45 AM
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