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Please give us the chance! Looking for surrogacy guidance for gay couples.


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Hi everyone!

I have been reading some of the stories here and it's amazing that people support each other to reach their dreams of building a family.

I would like to share my story as well with the hope that I can gather insights from anyone that might have the same situation like mine.

I have a male partner for almost 7 years now and we are very happy with our relationship and where we are heading to as a family. I would say that we are in a position mentally,emotionally and financially to start raising our own kids. The challenge is that, we are both males. We have started looking into options such as surrogacy and adoption and we decided to try the surrogacy path first. My partner has a sister and luckily she agreed to donate eggs for our journey! We are very happy that we have a potential egg donor already and the next big step that we are doing is searching for a person who can carry our baby. My mother has volunteered(she is 44 years old) and I am really happy that our families are very supportive on this journey, however, I am worried for my mum's health as who knows how old will she be when we finally reach the stage where we transfer the embryos. We are both migrants, me from the Philippines, and my partner from Japan which means that all the potential people that are in our head will be coming from overseas.

I have many questions in my mind and hopefully someone can share their thoughts or personal experience:

1. My biggest ask, is there anyone out there, who has raised their respective families already and would like to give us the gift of carrying our child, and give us the chance to raise a kid full of love and affection? There are lot of worries about gay parents raising kids but we would like to doo our best to raise a kid who is loving and kind. Please hear us out and give us a chance, email me at jomarmallare@gmail.com or you can reach me at 021596562

2. Is there any gay couples out there who did the same journey and would like to guide us or share their experience to us?

3. Does anyone know if there are any public funding that we can avail to assist us in this journey? I am pretty sure it will be very expensive journey so getting assistance will be ideal.

4. For people who used agencies locally and internationally, can you please share your experiences or any recommendations?

Finally, for all the people out there, going through the same journey, fighting for this chance, let us support each other and I hope that everyone will finally get their chances!!!!


Posted on May 29, 2019 at 11:42 AM
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Re: Please give us the chance! Looking for surrogacy guidance for gay couples.

Hi there. Most of those question I cannot unfortunately answer. However a sight i recommend joining is nz surrogacy.com. This is a forum that is full of helpful information about surrogacy. A lot of the people on there have been through or are going through their surrogacy journey, including gay couples.
Hope that helps


Posted on June 7, 2019 at 8:22 PM

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