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Looking for a surrogate to help us


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Hello everyone,
I and my husband have been married for 7 years and live in Wellington. We have been trying to start a family, unfortunately because of unknown medical condition I was unable to carry my previous 4 pregnancies to full term.
My first was pregnancy 5 years ago, I had bleeding problem since early pregnancy but baby growth and everything was fine from the scans and at 21 weeks I suddenly went into labor and delivered a baby girl as still birth. After delivery also I had lot of bleeding and 2 units of blood transfused. Lot of medical examinations were done, however doctors could not find a root cause for the spontaneous delivery.
After few months, I got pregnant second time straight away. We were under a private obstetrician care, however I started to bleed again at 8 weeks. This time I was under oral medication to stop bleeding, but none of that seem to work. At 19 weeks, I had my scan and everything was fine in the scan but same night I went into spontaneous labor and delivered a baby girl. Placenta and baby were tested, however none of them came back positive except for the blood clots in the placenta. Again i had lot of bleeding after delivery and 3 units blood was transfused.
We took break for 2 years after which became pregnant third time. We again went to a private obstetrician, this time I had a cerclage, given blood thinning injections, steroids etc, and I was on complete bed rest, however none of these seem to stop my bleeding at 12 weeks. At 22 weeks, I spontaneously delivered a baby girl while I was admitted to hospital for fever. Doctors did not even have time to remove the cerclage before the delivery. I lost lot of blood and had 6 units of blood transfused.
We consulted many doctors after the third pregnancy. One of them diagnosed I had a rare blood clotting disorder called VonWillibrand, they suggested this could be causing me to bleed and might have been causing the spontaneous abruptions.
Fourth time after I became pregnant, I was on a different type of medication to stop bleeding and had another cerclage higher up. However, this did not stop bleeding, but my pregnancy reached till 26 weeks, suddenly I went into labor and delivered a baby girl. She was on the ventilator for 2 weeks, first week she was fine and then she developed bleeds in the brain and other complications caused by pre term after which she passed away. This time also I had 3 units of blood transfusion because of heavy bleeding. Doctors concluded that VonWillibrand is the reason for heavy bleeding after delivery but the reason for bleeding during pregnancy and spontaneous delivery is still unknown.
Doctors have tried everything they could, but everything failed. As there’s no cure for our problem, our only chance for another baby is surrogacy. We desperately need a gestational surrogate mother who is willing to carry our future baby to full term.
If you are thinking about being that special woman we need or if you know someone who could be the one for us - please, please contact us!!!
Thank you

Posted on March 23, 2019 at 11:19 AM
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