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Looking for a angel who can help us


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Hi my name is Maria and I am 39 years old, living in Auckland with my partner Saral of 31 years old and my 2 daughters from my previous marriage.
The reason why I am here looking for a angel, is because in 2010 I had a miscarriage of 21 weeks and during that period until 2013 I had 4 surgeries including Embolisation of artery and veins of my pelvis, a D&C, a Endometrial Ablation which left me with the hole in my uterus and the reason why I ended with a fully hysterectomy..
My world in that time was up side down, my daughter’s didn’t understand why was going on and why so many times in the emergency room in hospital, that my mind wanted just to get better for once, my marriage sadly ended so I was devastated.. , but seems that fate had different plans for my life as the same year 2013 I met by accident my actual partner as a friend, and we created a beautiful friendship that with the time became love.. obviously I was nit expecting to fall in love again and specially for the gap of the years of difference, but like I said life had a different plans for me.. now we are in our 6 and half years of relationship and my partner dreams always was to become a father, so that one breaks my heart that I cant conceive, so we started to find all the information in beginning of this year about fertility and surrogacy, also we went to see a doctor to check my hormones, the good news is that I am still ovulating and was a relief, we were so excited, so we start to ask our circle of friends and family if someone can help us to make our dreams come true, but no one was able.. then we become with the idea to do it overseas and when was about to work out it cames the corona virus and we stopped all..
now we decided again no to give up so we talked again with the doctor and says the best and safe is to do in NZ, so please if is someone is willing to help us or give me ideas how to start this process, please contact me to majoparti@yahoo.co.nz
We are for a good soul who can help us to carry our baby
Kindly Regards, Maria

Posted on May 14, 2020 at 1:31 PM
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