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Indian couple in Wellington looking for a surrogate


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Hello, we are an Indian couple based out of Wellington and registered with ‘Fertility Associates’ in Wellington. We are starting to look for a kind lady who could be a surrogate for us.
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A bit about us -
• Urmi is 36 and is a senior HR professional working with a government institution
• Mrinal is 39 and is a senior IT professional working with a financial institution

Both of us were born and raised in India and have been married for the last 12 years. Prior to coming to New Zealand 7 years back, we lived and worked in the US as well. We are fortunate to have loving and caring families back in India who have been a source of support all this while. We are well educated (both of us have masters degrees), financially well-settled, love to travel, embrace cultural diversity and appreciate the opportunity to reside in this beautiful country.

We have gone through 2 painful IVF cycles and 3 heart-wrenching, naturally conceived miscarriages and a loss at 6 months over the last 5 years. We were advised by the doctors to find an egg donor and we found a lovely donor through this forum. We got 4 embryos from her eggs. We transferred the first embryo in March 2021 , unfortunately we lost our lovely baby boy at 22 weeks. Urmi developed infection in her uterus after this loss, and she had to undergo many Hysteroscopy procedures to remove the remaining placenta and infection. Since then she is having issues with her uterus lining and that was the cause of a failed implantation.

One can not imagine our happiness if someone can come forward and help us carry our embryo. If the potential surrogate is not in Wellington, we can cover the travel and accommodation costs. Please feel free to drop us a message and get in touch with us. Your help would go long a way in making a couple in Wellington very, very happy!

Posted on May 6, 2022 at 10:33 PM
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