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Desperately looking for an angel person to help us out!


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I am Jane 37 years old from Auckland, my husband is 38. We are kind and lovely couple. We’ve been trying to have a baby in last 5 years. We’ve tried all the possible ways to fulfil our family dream but without success. We are now desperately looking for an angel to bring us a miracle for a baby. If you are interested, here is my story and why we are out of options but searching help via surrogacy:

I had my First Pregnancy in May 2016, but had miscarriage in week 5. In June 2017, I was Pregnant again, however the HCG didn’t double every 48 hours, I started bleeding from week 5, my doctor couldn’t find heart beat till week 8, diagnosed as missed-miscarriage. In 2018, me and my husband went to Fertility Associates to see Doctor Marry, she suggested me to have HSG and diagnosed right tube had a lump, I had Laparoscopy to remove the lump. After I recovered from the surgery, I had IVF but didn’t success.

In June 2019, I was pregnant again, I went back to my home country once I found I was pregnant, I visited many doctors and tried my best to keep the baby, but I started bleeding at week 4, this time the baby had heart beat around week 6, unfortunately heart beat stopped around week 7, diagnosed as missed-miscarriage again. I had to have D&C to get the baby out.

My latest pregnancy was in Nov 2019, still the same issue that HCG didn’t double every 48 hours, no heart beat till week 8 and miscarried at last.
I had an ultrasound scan last month and diagnosed uterus adhesion, the doctor at recurrent pregnancy loss clinic told me considering my age and current situation it would be much difficult for me to have a baby.

If you are the one, we would love to hear from you, please contact us: prayformiraclenz@gmail.com

Posted on July 24, 2020 at 9:08 PM
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