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Could you be our tummy mummy?


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Hello everyone.
My name is Effie (29), my husband is Dimitar (37) and you guessed it, like so many on here we are searching for a gestational surrogate. I am unfortunately unable to carry a baby due to multiple inoperable back problems. So if we are to have our own children, it leaves only the option of surrogacy.
A bit about us. My husband is from Macedonia, he came out here 5 years ago. Currently he is working in vehicle grooming/maintenance, hoping to train for the police this year! I am from Gisborne (both based in Auckland now), I am working as a practice nurse for a lovely but busy GP surgery.
Both of us feel ready to start a family, dirty diapers, tantrums and all. Having a surrogate to make this possible would mean the world to us. We would love to be able to continue a friendship well past the birth as surrogacy is an experience, as such intertwines our lives together forever.
Please do feel free to ask us any questions or if you would prefer to contact us privately you can email me on effie_park@hotmail.com

Posted on June 7, 2019 at 8:48 PM
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