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What if you're a male and your partner is infertile?


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I swore blind I would write about my experiences of infertility and I did:http://djpnz.com .

My comments are from the perspective of the fertile half of a couple blighted by infertility. My blog's pretty candid because my scars are deep and I think you need to go into infertility treatment with your rose tinted specs off.

It's really important that both of you seek psychological guidance at the start and periodically throughout. You must constantly check in with each other to make sure that you're still wanting the same thing. Above all, you must always remember what is important in life, why you got together, why you are a couple and where you will be in 10 years time. It's easy to lose sight of things after a few years of treatment and in the end, you might very well ask, 'why are we doing this?' At that point, if it comes as a surprise to the other half, it might be one that's hard to get back from.

Have a read, let me know what you think.

Good luck, and remember, you're not alone.


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Posted on September 15, 2014 at 11:32 PM

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