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Trio seeking egg donor to help grow family


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Joined: November 1, 2019

We are an easy going trio (Richard 35, Rochelle 35 and Wolfgang 21 months old) from Auckland. We are searching for a special and selfless person to donate their eggs to us as we would love to extend our family.

Richard and I met through mutual friends and started "dating" a few months later when we both found ourselves single and suddenly giving each other the eye...fast forward four years and we are engaged, married and trying for a baby.

Unfortunately we have both male and female factor infertility, the two main issues being that we cannot conceive naturally and that I have premature ovarian failure and have very little eggs left which I discovered at the age of 29. We moved back in with family to save for IVF after our first failed public round resulting in no embryos to transfer. We were told to seriously consider seeking an egg donor at this point however after much debate we decided to try a 2nd IVF cycle with my eggs. This resulted in one juicy embryo that amazingly gave us our delicious son.

Since this time we have attempted IVF multiple times in short succession aware that time is not on our side, however we have been unable to produce further embryos. We now qualify for public funding for an IVF cycle with the help of an egg donor.

A little about us
Richard is a happy go lucky type and has embraced his dad role along with the cheesy dad jokes. He plays squash and is part of the family air-conditioning and refrigeration business. He has 4 siblings and his parents are originally from the UK. He is generous and kind and is full of useless information which is handy during a pub quiz.

I love being a mum, hands down best things ever. Although challenging, so rewarding and I love seeing changes and growth in Wolfie. Work part time as a registered nurse in a busy public hospital, love the beach, a bit of Netflix and being active whether it be at the gym or getting out for a walk. I have a Cook Island/Austrian background but am NZ born.

Wolfgang doesn't know it yet but would love a sibling to boss around and groom to do all his chores. He's a water baby, is very cheeky and loves to smother our poor cat Boof who is very tolerant of him. Currently diggers and planes are the "in things".

So this is a little about us...if you would like to chat and are in a position to help we would love to hear from you. You can email me on rochellington.smith@gmail.com

Posted on November 1, 2019 at 8:46 PM

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