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Egg Donor Wanted


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We are a loving couple we are 37 and 40 yrs. My partner is Self Employed having his own Towing Company and has recently got a work shop dealing with Tyres and trying to get WOF Inspection started. I work for Progressives and have been with the same Supermarket for nearly 19 years. I love it. The staff are like an extended family and we are all pretty close. I enjoy dealing with people as my job has a lot to do with our customers. We have a 6 yr old daughter and shes our everything. We decided to have another child when our daughter was 1 and a half, but it wasn't in our favour. I went to talk about it with my Family Doctor and referred me to a Fertility Clinic. After having blood tests and Scans I was told my AMH Level was low and my periods were becoming less and less. To the point I was told I was at early stages of Prem Menopause. As my heart broke I started looking at options and tried 3 cycles of Clomiphene and sadly that wasn't on our side either as I wasn't producing enough Molecules. So I was told that our best chance was to do IVF and seek an Egg Donor. So this is where we are at now smiling

We enjoy family times, and try to get away camping during the Summer School Holidays or if we are not camping we go out to the Movies or parks, beaches and playgrounds. We have our little road trips and yes I love being the passenger as I get to relax and enjoy my surroundings that I miss out on while I am the driver, hehe. I love being creative with our girls hair and I am forever looking at Youtube hairstyles trying to master the skill of different braids and ponytails etc. I love buying girlie clothes for her too.

We are open to our Donors Ethnicity and ages 37 and under would be perfect. Healthy and non smoker. And has completed their family. We would love to hear from you and hopefully get the dice rolling. Please contacthttp://fertilityassociates3-px.rtrk.co.nz/pathway/becoming-a-donor/... and mention 'Mystical Angel'. Or leave me a message and I can get back to you

Posted on May 21, 2017 at 2:29 PM

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