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Asian couple looking for egg donor, could you please give us a chance.


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Hi all,

We are a loving married Asian couple in our late 30's who would desperately love to start our own family.

We have been trying for over 12 years naturally with no success

IVF was our last option and after 2 unsuccessful heart breaking cycles

I was told we needed an egg donor due to premature ovarian failure

Now the only option for us to become parents is an egg donation from a generous woman

So we are looking for an egg donor (preferably Asian) who is healthy and willing to help us on our IVF journey

If you would be able to help make our dream come true, we would appreciate to hear from you by replying or e-mailing us



You contact PaulaP@adhb.govt.nz - Paula at Fertility Plus - 6309-810 ext 3, for a confidential discussion. Please quote reference number # "OR_21_2035 ".

Posted on June 25, 2021 at 10:42 PM

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