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Starting Clomid & weight loss


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Hi, I am new to this page and looking for some answers. We have been trying to conceive for about 3years now, I am going on 26 & my partner is going on 33. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at the age of 17. About a year ago we saw a specialist, were sent for all the blood tests & sperm test. The sperm test came back normal but the blood results showed I am only borderline ovulating, some months the results were just under, others it was just on the line. The specialist said I could start on Clomid but to be honest he kind of put me off as he said there is a high chance it could make my endo even more painful & that there is a better chance of success with a normal BMI. My BMI is 32. I decided to try to lose some weight first. Now a year later my weight has been like a roller coaster, up & down and I am now back to where I started. I have been told by other women they were successful with a high BMI & endo without losing any weight & to give it a go. We have tried several herbal remedies & are at the point where everyone around us are either pregnant or have babies. We have the house, stable incomes, supportive family and are desperately ready to take the plunge. I feel embarrassed to return to the specialist after a year still at the same weight. I want to know what other peoples experiences are with Clomid & BMI?

Posted on January 19, 2015 at 9:18 PM
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Re: Starting Clomid & weight loss

Hi Kate, I can understand you; it's difficult to be positive when all your doctor tells you is the risks and the low chance of clomid actually working. However, many doctors do believe that a body mass index that exceeds 25 decreases the effectiveness of Clomid. I know, losing weight is quite tricky and frustrating but, often, with even just a 10 percent drop in weight, makes the drug able to do its work.
Still, if you are not able to lose and fit into their criteria, many doctors co-Rx metformin with clomid. This helps to increase your sensitivity to clomid and doing a month or two of metformin before and during a clomid cycle can produce a better response. I hope it makes sense. I would insist my doctor to give it a try, if not, I would find another doctor.

Posted on September 13, 2015 at 3:03 AM


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Re: Starting Clomid & weight loss

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Posted on December 6, 2022 at 5:22 PM

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